M(AI)DE IN BERLIN – Tales from the Startup World

22.06.2023 - 17:30 - 21:00 Uhr

The Drivery at Ullsteinhaus
Mariendorfer Damm 1
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Dear Friends, colleagues, and fellow technologists,

I would like to invite you to our next AI event focused on tales from the startup ecosystem on developing AI in Berlin.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the buzzing heart of Berlin’s thriving AI and startup scene! Join us for an exhilarating and unforgettable event. We’re bringing together the brightest minds, the most innovative startups, and the most curious enthusiasts.

We are happy to share that the Meetup will be hosted by Startup Colors! A Berlin based Startup passioned about supporting entrepreneurs and innovation around the globe. Also known from Applied Data Incubator and Vision Health Pioneers.


  • Alex Hoffmann – CEO MarvinLabs
  • Florian Hönicke – AI Principal Engineer at Jina AI – will talk about Code Generation – “Don’t build the thing! Build the thing that builds the thing.”
  • Lara Ehrenhofer, PhD – Senior NLP Manager at German Autolabs

For the community:

  • Please contact Soraya Maan on LinkedIn to talk about future topics for the meetup, and collaborations or to recommend speakers.
  • Contact Mario Savovski for pitching in our community round.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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