Berlin AWS User Group meetup – kindly hosted by Europace AG

29.08.2018 - 19:00 - 21:30 Uhr

Eurospace AG
Klosterstrasse 71
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Berlin chapter of Amazon Web Services User Group.


  • „Building a serverless multi-class document classification service using AWS Lambda“ (~ 45 min, Benjamin Weigel, Europace AG)
    Abstract: „Serverless“ promises a new world, where developers can concentrate on building things, rather than dealing with ops-issues like servers, load-balancing and stuff like that. We in the data and analytics team at Europace took on that challenge and implemented a document classification service using AWS lamda. In this talk I want to show you what we build, what kind of issues you sill have to deal with and some best practices on how to deal with them when going serverless.
  • „Deploying on AWS ECS with Terraform and Jenkins“ (~30min, Konstantin Shcherban, Auto1 AG)
  • free slot – looking forward for YOUR contribution


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We are also looking for a host and contributions for the September meetup.

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