Azure Meetup Frankfurt Identity security in a modern cloud-based world

30.01.2020 - 17:30 - 19:30 Uhr

Devoteam-Algeri GmbH
Frankfurt am Main
Insterburger Str. 16
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Back in the days, when blocking network traffic was enough to prevent attackers from accessing corporate content, life was easy. You could be sure that your physical datacenter walls built your perimeter, so you simply needed to protect your borders. But nowadays, when we see an increasing amount of phishing, spear phishing and credential theft attacks against corporate environments, it’s no longer sufficient to only take care of network and data security.Today, it’s more important than ever to protect and securely manage identities in the cloud and on-premises, and to make sure to be informed as soon as someone tries to get hold of them.

Join cloud security expert and Microsoft MVP Tom Janetscheck for this demo-rich session and learn how to leverage Microsoft tools in Azure and on-premises to protect your identities, to see what happens when it happens, and how important it is to adhere to some easy principles when it comes to protecting your environments. Tom will teach you best practices regarding identity security, password usage, and privileged identity management, but he will also explain how Azure Security Center, Log Analytics, Microsoft Cloud App Security, and Azure Sentinel will help you to get a unified overview of how identities are used in your environments.

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Tom is a Principal Cloud Security Architect and Microsoft Azure MVP at Devoteam Alegri. His more than fifteen-year experience with Microsoft infrastructure solutions and his current focus on Microsoft Enterprise Security, Azure Infrastructure, and Azure Governance make him the right contact to talk about all things Azure architecture.

As founder and community lead of Azure Meetup Saarbruecken, as a well-known international conference speaker, Azure tech blogger, and book author, and as one of the founders and organizers of the Azure Saturday community conferences, Tom is actively taking his experience into the international tech communities.

In his spare time, Tom is an enthusiastic motorcyclist, scuba diver, guitar player, drummer, and station officer at a local fire department.

Devoteam-Algeri GmbH, Insterburger Str. 16, 60487 Frankfurt am Main

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