Azure Meetup Berlin About managing VMs in Azure & Blockchain in the food supply chain

28.05.2018 - 18:30 - 21:00 Uhr

Microsoft Niederlassung Berlin
Unter den Linden 17
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Our Meetup in May 2018 will be about managing Virtual Machines in Azure and about Blockchain in the food supply chain. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Talk 1: What’s all that stuff in the VM blade? New options to manage your VMs in Azure
There has been a lot of work to improve VM management in Azure – Backup, Disaster Recovery, Update Management and Inventory are only a few of these functions. In this session, we take a deeper look on how Azure supports you in managing your VMs

Speaker: Steffen Krause
Steffen Krause is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft Germany. In this role, he supports customers in deploying workloads to Azure

Talk 2: Blockchain in the food supply chain
In a joint development iBERA AG and Microsoft have developed a solution for the industry of food trade to exchange lab reports for pesticides and other relevant documents confirming the quality of food. Those documents go a long way from the original farmer over transport companies until finally to the food retailing. iBERA has the knowledge and hardware to check food fast for pesticides and Microsoft supported creating a solution to save documents in the cloud and to exchange them tamperproof. This talk gives insights into this joint project, the motivations and decisions, the architecture, and how we built it.

Speaker: Peter Kirchner
Peter Kirchner is Software Engineer in Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) at Microsoft. CSE’s purpose is to build together with customers and partners on new products and solutions.

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Please note: the entrance is from 18:00 and the Meetup itself will start at 18:30.

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