Setting Up a Live Streaming Studio for the European SharePoint Conference 2022

Introduction and Overview

In this video I walk through a live streaming studio designed for community live streaming from the European SharePoint, Azure, and Microsoft 365 conference. The studio comfortably hosts two moderators and a community reporter along with their guests for interviews. The heart of the studio contains the technical equipment, including a MacBook equipped with Ecamm streaming software, an audio interface, a Mac extender, a stream deck, and two Mevo cams.

Camera Setup

The studio employs three Mevo cams for filming, each serving a unique purpose. The yellow Mevo Start Cam is strategically positioned to focus on the interviewees, capturing their expressions and reactions during the conversation. On the other hand, the magenta Mevo Start Cam films from a different angle, providing a view on the moderators. The third Mevo cam, operating in black and white mode, offers a comprehensive view of the entire studio setup. This camera’s unique visual effect not only adds an artistic touch to the footage but also gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the studio’s layout and operation.

Technical Setup

The technical setup is a vital part of the studio, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. At the core is MacBook Pro with a CalDigit extender, which serves as a hub for multiple cables. These include an ethernet connection for network access, a power plug for electricity, an external SSD for additional storage, and a USBC to HDMI converter for the monitor display. A USBC cable connects the extender to the MacBook, integrating the entire system. For audio management, the setup features a Zoom H6 audio mixer. This device, connected via a USB cable, handles four microphones: two wired Sennheiser e835 microphones and two wireless go-to microphones for the moderators. This combination of wired and wireless microphones ensures clear and uninterrupted audio during the live stream.

Internet Connection

The studio’s internet connection is a crucial component, enabling live streaming and real-time interaction with the online audience. A TP-Link 8-port switch, equipped with four ethernet POE outputs, manages the network connections. The Mevo ethernet adapters, connected to this switch, use POE to power the Mevo cams, ensuring a stable and continuous power supply. The switch also connects to the CalDigit extender and the PC, integrating the entire system. Additionally, it connects to a lightning adapter for an iPhone, which serves as an additional camera, adding flexibility to the filming process.


The video provides a detailed walkthrough of the live streaming studio set up for the European SharePoint Conference 2022. The studio boasts a robust technical setup, including multiple cameras, an audio mixer, a stream deck, and a reliable internet connection. This comprehensive setup ensures a smooth and professional live streaming experience, allowing the team to focus on delivering engaging content to their audience.

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