GDPR Activity Hub für Office365

Die GDPR (European Global Data Protection Regulation) kommt im Mai nächsten Jahres. Microsoft hat jetzt für Microsoft Office 365 ein auf Microsoft SharePoint Online basierendes StarterKit auf GitHub als Open Source veröffentlicht, der als Vorlage für einen GDPR-Management Hub dienen soll.

GDPR Activity Hub

The GDPR Activity Hub is an open source project that you can consider as a starter kit for building a management hub for EU GDPR (European Global Data Protection Regulation). The goal of this project is to give to customers and partners something to start with and to play with in order to keep track of all the fundamental events, requests, tasks and activities required to be compliant with the GDPR.

Moreover, one fundamental goal of this project is to show how to use the latest Microsoft technologies (like the SharePoint Framework, Office UI Fabric, Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices, etc.) to easily build real-life solutions.

Main Components

The solution targets Microsoft Office 365 and it is founded on Microsoft SharePoint Online. In fact, the main components of the solution are a SharePoint Online Modern Site (i.e. an Office 365 Group Site), some custom developed SharePoint Framework client-side web parts, few sample workflows built using Workflow Manager for SharePoint Online, and a Power BI dashboard. Moreover, there are some PowerShell script files that you can use to speed up the setup process of the solution in your own Office 365 tenants.

Target Audience

The target audience for this project are Microsoft Partners and customers with an internal IT development team, which can install and customize the sample solution based on the real customer’s needs. If you are an end-user company, you should ask to a Microsoft Partner for support to customize, install, and use this solution.

Download on GitHub

GDPR Activity Hub – Open source starter kit for building a management hub for EU GDPR (European Global Data Protection Regulation).