Yammer News Week 33.13

YAMMER: Open Source SDKs for iOS and Windows Phone 8 released

The SDKs enable you to add Yammer OAuth 2-based authentication to your smartphone and tablet apps. Once authenticated, you can use the SDKs to make REST calls to read/write from the Yammer API, thus integrating the full spectrum of Yammer’s social services into your mobile app.

WPCENTRAL: Yammer updated on Windows Phone

If you fire up the Windows Phone Store you’ll be looking to update to version 1.4 for Yammer. With this latest update you get four things: image attachments now appear in conversations and messages, navigate to shared conversations without leaving the app, upload multiple images at once, and design improvements and bug fixes

CMSWIRE: Planning for SharePoint 2013? Make Sure You’ve Got Yammer on the Brain

Yes, there are still some questions that need to be answered that could prevent some organizations from adopting Yammer immediately — Microsoft is treating this as a work in progress. But we’ve still seen enough, and with knowing what’s coming, to know that any organization planning on utilizing Social within their SharePoint 2013 deployments need to plan on Yammer to ensure they realize the full value from the platform.

CITEWORLD: How Microsoft got its own employees to use Yammer

One of the primary goals of enterprise social has always been to provide a more efficient alternative to email as the chief means of collaborating and sharing files, and with Yammer, Microsoft is beginning to achieve that.

Axceler: ViewPoint Enterprise now Supports Yammer and SharePoint

With support for Yammer and SharePoint, ViewPoint Enterprise is a dashboard that offers a unified view of the activity, adoption and influence across both collaboration platforms, giving businesses a detailed understanding of how their employees are using both platforms, and ensures the collaboration investments are positively impacting the business.