[EN] The ROI of Social Business is Survival

Daniel Kraft, President and CEO of NewsGator Technologies, wrote an interesting article on Wired about the habits of highly effective social leaders.

To believe you can run a business competitively without incorporating the ideas of social business is like running a factory without automation or running a bank without digital trading systems.
The ROI of social is very simple: Survival!

So how to became a Social Business and what are the habits of highly effective social leaders?

Daniel named 7 very simple and easy to apply habits that help to get the most out of the investment in social business.

  • Think People
  • Think Business
  • Think Technology
  • Think Trust
  • Don’t Bet the Farm
  • Measure It
  • Get Started

His conclusion:

It is truly an exciting time. For many of us, we try to imagine what life was like during those prior revolutionary periods. Here and now we have that amazing opportunity to be part of such a major change. Knowing the impact these revolutions had before us, the opportunity is ours to recognize this next major shift and help to shape the future of the social workplace.

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