[EN] Avanade Survey Facebook as a Socbiz Platform More Popular as SharePoint or IBM Connections

Graph3Avanade conducted a global research study in April 2013, interviewing 1,000 business and IT leaders and 4,000 employees about the impact of social technologies on enterprise collaboration.

Those who have adopted social networking technologies reported using Facebook (74 %) for collaboration at twice the rate of Microsoft SharePoint (39 %), four times that of IBM Open Connections (17 %), and six times that of Salesforce Chatter (12 %).

Other key findings revealed by the research study include:

  • Social collaboration is on the corporate agenda and the rate of new technology adoption is on the rise.
  • Business and IT decision-makers have a false sense of accomplishment when it comes to social collaboration.
  • Companies have a polarized view of social collaboration. Alongside a majority of eager adopters, a healthy minority of business leaders is skeptical about the real value of social collaboration tools.
  • There is significant opportunity in this emerging market. More businesses plan to adopt social tools for enterprise collaboration in the next 12 months.

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