[EN] Mark Miller about SharePoint & Social

John Anderson from BambooSolutions wraps up a session from Mark Miller, founder of EndUserSharePoint, on social SharePoint at SharePoint Leadership Forum.

Mark didn’t disappoint at Thursday’s event, opening his session by boldly stating, „I’m not a big proponent of social in SharePoint.“  Mark then went on to ask, „What’s the business rationale for putting social in SharePoint?“  before posing the provocative question, „How unsocial is SharePoint?“

Asking SPLF attendees to share what they thought „social“ meant, Mark received responses including: „getting together,“ „sharing,“ and „communicating.“ Mark agreed that those were all good answers, and said that to him, the true definition of social is „you’re actually building relationships.“  The question, he then went on to pose, is „can SharePoint help me do this?“

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