[EN] Step by Step: How to Implement an Enterprise Wiki

Denis Stadler has published a nice Step by Step Tutorial how to set up a SharePoint Enterprise Wiki and add a managed meta data tree which is used to classify the articles in the Wiki.

„The main business reason which made me to start the discussion about the necessity of having an Enterprise Wiki was to encourage many-to-many communication between the team’s members. But, there were others like:

  • The necessity of having a central repository tool which hosts, in my case, technical knowledge and information accumulated during the IT projects;
  • The necessity of categorizing  the information (both as Taxonomy and “Folksonomy”) in order to access it faster;
  • Search engine.

Having said that, the natural choice was to implement an Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2010. The other advantages gained by choosing it are: Versioning, Approval (at the end Enterprise Wiki is a publishing site, but for sharing technical resources I don’t think it’s necessary).“

via: Step by Step: How to Implement an Enterprise Wiki