[EN] Streaming Video From SharePoint 2010 To An iPad

In this technical article Streaming Video From SharePoint 2010 To An iPad Mike Gannotti explains how to setup SharePoint 2010 to stream video to an iPad.

„As part of delivering video to site visitors here at Philadelphia-mtc.com one of the goals was to do so in a manner that any device would be able to watch the video content. By properly encoding in .mp4 pretty much every device and operating system on the planet can then easily watch videos from SharePoint with the exception of one… iOS. With its stripped down version of Safari and some peculiarities in the way it handles video content simply making a properly encoded video file available is not sufficient.

The issue issue is that the iPad requires actual video streaming and looks for byte ranges, not simply a direct file link to download and then play. IIS Server, which SharePoint runs on, supports this but videos stored in a SharePoint library do not.

The solution to overcoming this is a two part one. First, set up proper mime types for IIS and SharePoint. Second, set up blob caching for SharePoint.“

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