[EN] How To: Lock Down Social Features in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010′s social features are extremely valuable and we here on SharePointSocial are working on helping people to implement them in their daily business. But in some cases it might be important to lock these features down or deactivate them. Richard Harbridge has written an article showing how to do this.

„After having provided these instructions to a few clients as part of broader SharePoint projects/strategies I thought I could share a short how to article that outlines everything you should need to know for locking down or deactivating SharePoint’s social features effectively. Hopefully after you lock them down you will roll them out in time so that your organization can realize the business benefit they provide in a more controlled/planned manner. What follows are the tasks that could be executed after a SharePoint environment has been provisioned and validated. These tasks are specifically designed to remove, hide, or disable many of the social features from SharePoint 2010. Effectively if you follow all of these features you will have a ‘non socially enabled’ SharePoint 2010 implementation.“

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