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Sep 05 2017

Office 365: Your Business is Waiting *

Knowing when to make any change to your business to move it forward is no easy decision to make, but failing to do so can prevent your organisation from progressing.  Cloud, mobile, social and other digital technologies have advanced into organisations to improve business best practices, and it is time to embrace them or risk …

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Jul 26 2017

SharePoint 2017 Roadmap

Mein MVP Kollege Benjamin Niaulin von Share-Gate hat in einem lesenswerten Artikel einen ausführlichen Blick auf die SharePoint 2017 Roadmap geworfen und die 8 wichtigsten Projekte näher analysiert. Der Artikel gibt einen sehr guten Überblick, was gerade in Arbeit ist und auch in welche Richtung sich die Plattform in Zukunft entwickeln wird.

Mrz 12 2017

Tweet 7.014.121 – 10 Years on Twitter

Tweet 7.014.121

What’s special about that tweet? Well first of all it seems to be a very early and old tweet as the current tweet counter is at about 84.064.888.000.000. And second it was my first tweet – and today it’ been exactly 10 years that I tweeted „preparing to leave hotel and start to …

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Nov 21 2016

ESPC2016 – Office 365 and the Internet of Things

Last week I have been speaking at the European SharePointConference 2016 in Vienna. The conference was – as always – well organized by Tracy and her team and it was great to meet and talk to so many attendees, partners and speakers. I have been recording several interviews with experts on their view of SharePoint …

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Mrz 21 2016

Product Review

Introduction *

Let’s talk about e-mail – e-mail is still the most commonly used means of communication which we use to exchange information with colleagues, customers and partners. Several initiatives have been launched in recent years to replace e-mail by supposedly better tools, and yet we still spend much of our time on our PCs …

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Mrz 21 2016

Webinar mit Bill Baer zu SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 is almost here! Join Microsoft’s SharePoint Senior Manager, Bill Baer, in this webinar to learn everything there is to know about the new release.

On March 31st, Bill Baer will give you a grand tour of SharePoint 2016. From Microsoft’s vision for this new release, to the best features that were developed, Bill …

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Feb 22 2016

Aus der Microsoft Garage Plumbago – noch ein digitaler Notizblock

Kann das nicht schon OneNote? – fragt man sich unweigerlich, wenn man das Garage-Projekt Plumbago betrachtet. Plumbago ist eine Notizapp speziell für Windows 8.1 und Windows 10 und für Maus, Touch und Pen optimiert. Die App ist ein Produkt aus der Microsoft Garage, in der Projekt Teams bei Microsoft die Möglichkeit haben, ihre Kreativität und …

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Jan 27 2016

ESPC Expert Talk with Asif Rehmani


Expert Talk with Michael Greth from the ESPC 2015 in Stockholm.

Guest: Asif Rehmani – SharePoint MVP, VisualSP, @asifrehmani

In this interview, Asif Rehmani talks about his very deep experiences with what a power user can do in SharePoint and Office 365 to customize the platform for his needs, NoCode-Solutions, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, Access …

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Jan 14 2016

ESPC Expert Talk with Nimrod Geva

Expert Talk with Michael Greth from the ESPC 2015 in Stockholm.

In this episode we’re talking with Nimrod Geva, Managing Partner and Director of Product Management at KwizCom, about the evolution of Office- and SharePoint-Apps, the future of the App-Model and the Office App Store.

  • KWizCom Forms App (Office 365)
  • Cascading LookApp (Office 365)
  • KwizCom …

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Jan 05 2016

ESPC Expert Talk with Jethro Seghers

Expert Talk with Michael Greth from the ESPC 2015 in Stockholm.

In this episode we’re talking with Jethro Seghers, Program Manager at BitTitan, about the details of moving a large company from Google Apps to Office 365, the current state and future of email in the enterprise and much more.


See the whole interview …

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