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[EN] Talking Social with Mike Gannotti of Microsoft & Liza Sisler of Perficient

Liza Sisler, sales and marketing director at Perficient, interviews Microsoft Business Productivity Technical Architect Mike Gannotti to talk about social and his new role at the Philadelphia Microsoft Technology Center. They cover why Mike got involved in social, what his new role as a technical architect entails including architectural design sessions, proof of concepts and the …

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[EN] Video Blog Series about Office 365 for Project Collaboration

Pamela Flora has created a video series on CMS-WIRE designed to create more collaborative workflows using Office 365. In the latest epsiode she looks into how to leverage dashboards to build a space for teams to find and share visual content. (Video Blog: Leveraging Office 365 for Project Collaboration – Create Visual Reports with Dashboard)


The other …

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[DE] SharePoint Wiki mit ERP-System kombinieren

Wikis sind hier auf unserer Site immer noch eines der Top Themen. Für viele Anwender ist scheinbar ein Wiki der erste Einstiegspunkt in das Social Business.

Da trift es sich gut, dass Uli Armbruster eine Demo in seinem Blog veröffentlicht hat, in der er die praktische Nutzung eines SharePoint-Wiki-Systems vorstellt. Als Basis verwendet er dazu die SharePoint …

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[DE] Social Media Informationspolitik in der Praxis

Uli Armbruster zeigt in einem Video, wie die Social Media Task Force in der Firma heco die Mitarbeiter über Aktivitäten und Ergebnisse informiert. Die Lösung basiert auf den kostenlosen SharePoint Foundation. Mit Basisfunktionen und  einfachen Anpassungen wurde ein Videoinformationskanal mit Blog über die Aktivitäten der Social Media Task Force aufgebaut.

[EN] Free SharePoint 2010 Wiki Training Tutorial

SimonSezIT has created a 30 minutes trainings tutorial about the basic functions of a SharePoint 201o wiki and how to use it. Watch ist


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Training Tutorial — Working with Wikis — Part 1

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Training Tutorial — Working with Wikis — Part 2

[EN] Digital Sack Lunch: Dan McPherson about Social Computing and SharePoint

Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) talks with Dan McPherson (@danmc), CEO of Zevenseas and SharePoint Architect at Attini (@AttiniSoft) about social computing and the SharePoint platform, getting Dan’s thoughts on the business problems and technical considerations.

This is part of ‚Digital Sack Lunch‘ video series produced by Christian Buckley and the Axceler team.

[EN] Socialcast Webinar: Enhance SharePoint with Enterprise Social Networking

Socialcast will present a webinar Enhance SharePoint with Enterprise Social Networking on March, 29 2012 at 10:00 am PDT (19:00 Uhr CET).

Attend this live webinar to learn about the power of enterprise social networking and how it’s enabling people to work together in new ways. Adding real-time collaboration to your SharePoint platform will …

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[EN] The Social Media ROI Conversation

The Social Media ROI Conversation – great video clip.

[EN] Newsgator Video Bionic Social is a Journey not a Destination

Newsgator has released a new video clip on the Story of Newsgator Social Sites