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[EN] The Community Maturity Model and The 2012 State of Community Management Report

The Community Roundtable has released The 2012 State of Community Management report.

„The 2012 State of Community Management report examines the continued evolution of the social business industry and analyzes organizational patterns and lessons learned from industry leaders and practitioners.“

Download the The 2012 State of Community Management Report

One very interesting thing from …

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[EN] Extending SharePoint 2010 social features

MVP Chris O’Brien has written a very interesting article about extending SharePoint 2010 social features. Chris shows some simple but effective enhancements to the Out-Of-The-Box functions in SharePoint he recently implemented in a customer project.

Here is a list of the topics he covers in his article:

[DE] St.Gallen Mobile Business Forum am 8.5.2012

Im Rahmen der eintägigen Veranstaltung St.Gallen Mobile Business Forum wird das Team von Prof. Dr. Andrea Back am 8. Mai 2012 als Input die Ergebnisse der im Auftrag von T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH erhobenen Studie „Mobile Business Solutions 2012“ vorstellen.

Folgende Keynotes und Paneldiskussionen sind angekündigt:

  • „Die neue Welt des Arbeitens – zuhause, unterwegs und im …

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[EN] Beezy launches Extended Groups Feature

Beezy launches a new feature for their Social SharePoint application Extended Groups. Extended groups are a simple way to allow external access and grant access to external people to any existing group while providing a security framework to avoid compromising any corporate information.

How does it work? When an external collaborator is required to access the group, …

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SharePointSocial Videocast 001

SharePointSocial – die erste Ausgabe des Videomagazins mit SharePoint MVP Michael Greth rund um das Social Business mit SharePoint.

Heute im Interview Michael Denzler, Innovation Manager, AvePoint. Wir sprechen über DocAve.com, AvePoint’s Onlinecommunity für Kunden und Partner, die auf der Basis von SharePoint Server 2010 aufgebaut wurde.


[DE] Computerwoche testet Social Business Collaboration Tools SharePoint, Jive und Confluence

In der Onlineausgabe der Computerwoche haben Jörg Schmidl, Johannes Reebs und Oliver Wucher einen Vergleich der drei Social BusinessPlattformen SharePoint, Jive und Confluence vorgenommen und dabei vor allem die Merkmale  Personalisierbarkeit, Wiedererkennungswert, Arbeiten mit Dokumenten, Informationsstrukturierung, Informationsfilterung, Weiterleiten von Informationen, Social Analytics, Integration in IT-Landschaft, inkrementelle Funktionserweiterung, customized Extensions, Berechtigungsmanagement und Unterstützung (teil-) standardisierter Interaktion …

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[EN] Socialcast Webinar: Enhance SharePoint with Enterprise Social Networking

Socialcast will present a webinar Enhance SharePoint with Enterprise Social Networking on March, 29 2012 at 10:00 am PDT (19:00 Uhr CET).

Attend this live webinar to learn about the power of enterprise social networking and how it’s enabling people to work together in new ways. Adding real-time collaboration to your SharePoint platform will …

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[EN] The Social Media ROI Conversation

The Social Media ROI Conversation – great video clip.

[EN] SharePoint Mobile Grid which App runs on which Mobile Plattform

There are a lot of mobile apps for SharePoint out in the market. Here is the SharePoint Mobile Grid, showing which app runs on which mobile plattform.


Mobile Application iPhone iPad Android Blackberry Windows Playbook Attaché SharePoint Client by LÛCRUM x x Colligo Briefcase Enterprise x Colligo Briefcase Lite x Colligo Briefcase Pro x Filamente …

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[EN] SharePointSocial News Lagniappe | week 12.12

Session on Microsoft NetWork 2012 – “Future of intranet: Road to Enterprise 2.0”

„Join SharePoint MVP Adis Jugo in beautiful city of Mostar, on April 4th 2012, at Microsoft NetWork 2.0 conference, on a session which will discuss current trends and changes, and show the way how can enterprises leverage Microsoft SharePoint 2010, to …

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