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Mrz 22 2012

[EN] SharePoint Mobile Grid which App runs on which Mobile Plattform

There are a lot of mobile apps for SharePoint out in the market. Here is the SharePoint Mobile Grid, showing which app runs on which mobile plattform.   Mobile Application iPhone iPad Android Blackberry Windows Playbook Attaché SharePoint Client by LÛCRUM x x Colligo Briefcase Enterprise x Colligo Briefcase Lite x Colligo Briefcase Pro x Filamente …

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Mrz 06 2012

[EN] New App Formotus Mobile SharePoint Apps

The Formotus platform enables rapid delivery of custom mobile SharePoint apps for iPad and Android. The Formotus client software works offline without a browser and requires no server-side installation to connect directly to any SharePoint account. Read more about Formotus …

Feb 29 2012

[EN] SharePointSocial News Lagniappe | week 09.12

Social Business The Top 10 Ways to Become Truly Social (Forbes) Do away with one-way conversations. Connect and collaborate. Don’t let “freedom from” obstruct “freedom to.” Seek to inspire not just motivate. Invest in culture rather than governance. Give trust away. Scale your values. Measure HOW not ‘how much’. Treat business as inseparable from life. Compete …

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Feb 27 2012

[EN] New Solution PocketPoint Mobile SharePoint Client

PocketPoint Mobile SharePoint Client is an iOS-App to collaborate remotely or on the go, without relying on your laptop or PC and access your SharePoint sites. PocketPoint provides a quick, simple, and intuitive interface to view and update SharePoint lists and documents, open downloaded documents in other apps, save documents for offline viewing, and search your SharePoint …

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Jan 26 2012

[EN] Enhancing SharePoint 2010 for the iPad

Michael Greene presented a session at SharePoint Saturday Austin TX on January 21, 2012 about „Enhancing SharePoint 2010 for the iPad„. He reviewed custom iPad specific enhancements for SharePoint 2010, including changes to the user interface based on the orientation of the device. Slideshare Enhancing SharePoint 2010 for the iPad (SPSAusTX 2012) View more presentations from …

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