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Mai 26 2017

Tipp: Groups, Teams, Yammer – Was-Wann? Hier gibt es einen detaillierten Einblick

Eine der am häufigsten gestellten Fragen zu Office 365 ist derzeit „Wann nutze ich welches Feature?“ – Matt Wade von gibt dazu in einem sehr ausführlichen Blogartikel „An everyday Guide to Office Groups“ einen sehr guten Einblick, wie Groups, Teams und Yammer einzuordnen sind, wie die einzelnen Bausteine zusammenspielen und hat das alles nicht nur …

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Apr 18 2012

[EN] SharePointSocial News Lagniappe | week 16.12

The Three Essential Steps to a Socially Engaged Enterprise

„A study by PulsePoint Group in conjunction with “The Economist” Intelligence Unit titled “The Economics of the Socially Engaged Enterprise” has revealed that the socially engaged companies have a 400% greater impact. The study also outlined the steps that are essential to becoming a …

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Mrz 20 2012

[EN] A Step by Step Guide to Office 365 Infographic

Great Infographic by Cloud Hypermarket: A Step by Step Guide to Office 365

Feb 27 2012

[EN] Infographic iPad3 USA in anticipation of the new iPad

The iPad3 release is expected within the next weeks.

„There are some significant changes expected and to gain a better understanding on the current state of the American consumers’ current iPad usage and anticipation of the iPad 3, AYTM conducted DIY market research utilizing our online consumer panel and survey tool.“

Click on the picture …

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Feb 08 2012

[EN] Infographic The History of Mobile App Stores

The Shoutem-Blog has published a detailed infographic illustrating the history and evolution of the five most successful Mobile App Stores – Android Market, iPhone App Store, Ovi Store, BB App World and Windows Phone Marketplace.


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Jan 21 2012

[EN] SharePointSocial News Lagniappe | week 03.12

A weekly summary of news about social business and SharePoint

101 Examples of Social Business ROI


  • SharePoint in Education – The Social Intranet (Setup: Part 2) | SharePoint 365
  • Adoption Strategies for User Profiles in SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Provider for Facebook
  • OneNote and SharePoint 2010: Online Collaboration and Social Independent …

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Jan 16 2012

[EN] SharePointSocial News Lagniappe | week 02.12

What’s a Lagnaippe?

„Something given or obtained gratuitously – is a small gift given to a customer by a merchant“ (Wikipedia)

What’s the SharePointSocial News Lagniappe?

A weekly summary of news about social business.

Google Bizz

  • Google’s Social media disaster – The 10 must read articles
  • Google Makes Search Social; Focus On Building Much …

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Dez 20 2011

[DE] Infographic The Problem with The Intranet

Socialcast zeigt in dieser Infographic die Probleme traditioneller Intranets in einer Welt, in der sich die Art und Weise wie Informationenn erstellt und geteilt werden, verändert.

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Dez 13 2011

Infographic The Future, Social CEO

Infographic von CEO.COM:

„For CEOs, the benefits of social media are no longer just rumors or wishful thinking. Those who have figured it out are seeing success like never before. So how are CEOs using social media? What exactly are the benefits? And most importantly, what does the future hold for social media …

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