Dez 15 2016

Neuer Office 365 Adoption Guide von Microsoft

Microsoft hat einen neuen Office 365 Adoption Guide veröffentlicht – rund 40 Seiten mit vielen praktischen Tipps, Checklisten und How-Tos, wie man seine Mitarbeiter die Nutzung von Office365 nahe bringen kann.

This guide has been created for organizations looking at the most effective ways to leverage their investment in Office 365. It is meant to be used as a step-by-step guide, whereby you can ensure that your organization can first identify, and then execute specific tasks that will have the greatest positive effect on your organization.

In the guide you will find:

  • Our end to end methodology for driving adoption success
  • Adoption best practices
  • Prescriptive guidance on how to do some of the tasks/activities we suggest customers do as part of their rollout
  • The voice of successful customers throughout to share their best practices

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  1. Juan Carlos Gonzalez

    The link is not working

    1. m.greth_admin

      Thanks I corrected it.

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